ready made

"Wigs that can be cut and styled like a natural head of hair"

Readymade wigs require one final fitting after consultation during which the wig will be cut and styled by one of our extremely experienced hairdressers. The final fitting can be ready in as little as one week and very rarely more than two weeks after initial consultation.

full wigs

Mandeville's Readymade full wig collection is a limited collection of handmade full wigs created primarily to provide hair replacement for people who suffer hair loss as a result of chemotherapy treatment and need a wig quickly and for Alopecia affected clients who have no need for a Made-to-Measure wig.

These wigs are made in exactly the same way as the made-to-measure collection, using the same materials and made to the same exacting standards. The foundation, unique to Mandeville, is constructed from a monofilament fibre and weighs less than a gram comprising 50,000 to 70,000 natural European hairs, singly knotted in the same direction as they grow on a normal head of hair, including the spiral of the crown, creating natural bounce and lift.

They are available in a choice of 11 carefully selected colours in three sizes and are cut and dressed on your head to your preferred style. They can also be parted wherever you wish, a feature not found on other Readymade wigs available.

ready-made full wig: £3,850.00

half & ¾ wigs

We also carry a collection of Readymade half and three quarter wigs for people with advanced thinning hair, also available in 11 carefully selected colours.

Recently, there has been increased demand for ½ and '¾ Wigs' as a considerably preferable alternative to hair extensions and hair weaves to combat the onset of thinning hair with varying degrees of severity, female pattern baldness or simply to boost hair volume.

½ Wigs and ¾ wigs are simply clipped onto your existing hair, causing no damage or stress. They are simpler to care for, shampoo and condition when unclipped and therefore last considerably longer, negating the necessity for regular visits to a hairdresser.

Mandeville's ½ and ¾ wig collections are crafted in exactly the same way as our full wigs using the same high standard of materials and expertise.

ready-made half wig: £3,600.00